New Year’s Retreat: 12/31/20




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New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat ONLINE!


End the old year and give birth to the new in a spiritually nourishing way.  This retreat allows you to sink deeply into your heart’s knowing and fine-tune your life purpose and calling. Enjoy the time, space, and loving support needed to renew your connection to the ever-fresh source of divinity that is your birthright.

My annual  New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat will not happen at Kripalu since their building is closed this season, but I decided to go with a smaller version of the retreat online! 

DATE:  12/31/20, Thursday. EARLY BIRD PRICES ENDS TUES 12/29/20

Day Schedule: 

11am-2pm EST: 1st Session:

2pm-2:30 EST: Short break:

2:30-5:30. EST: Afternoon Session;


This day will include: 

  • Deep meditation

  • breath practice

  • mantra and song

  • Causal Work: deep work of creating in meditation, work from essence to form, from Causal Body to Subtle, to allow it the very best to become reality. 

  • Focused small group inquiry (with option for solitary writing inquiry, instead)

  • Vision Journeying–working with your inner archetypes. 

  • Fine tuning and visioning for 2021

  • Q & A

Fee: I’m keeping it lower due to these challenging times: sliding $165–$135. 

EARLY BIRD: If you pay by Dec 29th  the early bird will be sliding scale $150-120.