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Shivananda Thomas Amelio: Upcoming Events

February 1, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Monday Night  Weekly Zoom Meditation and Sangha

Prana, Breath and Mantra-Based Meditation with teaching for Life based on yoga and western philosophical fusion. 

In the yogic lineage I was initiated into, and studied/practiced in India, Prana, or life force, is paramount. It is the evolutionary force, sometimes called Chi, Ki, or Kundalini-Shakti, which, when allowed, will LOVE us into releasing constrictive Samskaras (painful karmas) and enter into greater freedom, over time. We suppress the good workings of prana through obstructive habits, addictions, attitudes, etc.

But we can live a life that embraces prana and releases suffering through yogic approaches, offered by Patanjali in his yoga sutras, and other great masters. We awaken prana through the wise use of breath practice, mantra, yogic practices, and all that Patanjali recommends in the Ashtanga–or 8-Fold Path. 

 *This is what I am committed to propagating and and I am happy for any who join me in this fascinating journey!*

FEE: Donation only during Covid19 period! Please feel free to come even if you cannot pay. 

Note: These one and one quarter hour sessions,  are long experiences of breath, sound, and meditation, with only 20-30 minutes of discussion. It is a lovely sangha (inspired community.)


NOTE: If you want to be added to my weekly Monday reminder list, you will get more complete and updated info.  This will keep you posted as to any changes, more refined content for the night, and any meeting link changes–which sometimes happens!

In general this is is my meeting link:

ZOOM link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4669673519


  • Paying for Monday Drop In Class: for donations or scholarship funds only (not registration for any other event!): You can also send via Paypal,Venmo, Zelle, or “snail mail.”

Other methods: 


March 31st-April 2, 2023

Dear Friends–
I’m really looking forward to returning to share this program at Kripalu! Transitions can be magical times of deep change in our identities and visions. This will include some elements of my long time New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat, but geared towards the spring season.
The link is here: Spring Spiritual Renewal Mar 31-Apr-2
With love, Thomas-Shivananda


Winter has turned to spring and it’s a magical time to align ourselves in rhythm with this seasonal change. Join Shivananda Thomas Amelio, founding member of Kripalu, as he guides you to renew your connection to soul and spirit. Whether you’re new to a spiritual practice or have been practicing for years, this special program will support you in deepening your heart’s knowing and reforging your link to our divine source through
• Meditation, breathwork, and discussion
• Tantra-based chakra work
• Sanskrit mantra and sound practice
• Self-inquiry and deep reflection.
Contemplate inspired writings and scriptures, and return home with the inspiration and guidance you need to make your spiritual practice a radiant keynote of your life.
Note Please bring a journal and any favorite inspirational writing. You may also bring a symbol of anything that symbolizes your aspirations and gives you a sense of support and joy.
For further information, and to register go here:
Spring Spiritual Renewal Mar 31-Apr-2


December at Kripalu!

Once again I’ll be leading, in person, my annual “New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat at Kripalu! Friday evening, 12/29/23 –Monday (AM) 1/1/23. Mark your calendars now!


End the old year and enter the new with reflection and spiritual nourishment.

Join Shivananda Thomas Amelio, founding member of Kripalu, as he guides you to deepen your spiritual practice. Through meditation, breathwork, self-inquiry, and more, you will

  • Sink deeply into your heart’s knowing
  • Fine-tune your life’s purpose
  • Renew your connection to the ever-present source of divinity.

Return home feeling inspired to make your spiritual practice a radiant keynote of your life.

Note Please bring a journal and any favorite inspirational writing. You may also bring a symbol of anything that symbolizes what you wish to let go of, what you want to expand into, and that which embodies divinity for you.



February 1
January 1, 2024

Thomas Amelio

Thomas Amelio intensely studied & practiced yogic disciplines in India, where he edited Rajarshi Muni’s classic, "Yoga–The Ultimate Spiritual Path." He is a founding member of, and has been a senior teacher at, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for over 35 years, and is President Emeritus of the NY Open Center in New York City.