Shakti Fusion




Shakti Fusion is a high-energy chanting and dancing band, blends ancient Sanskrit mantras with elements of contemporary jazz, rock, and Afro-Cuban rhythms. The aim of the music is to awaken joy and “Shakti”, Sanskrit for the loving evolutionary force that is the source of all and is often personified as the Divine Mother. We love to create a resonating field of high energy in which the music, the musicians, and the audience merge into one ecstatic experience. Our music is inspired by the celebration of life and the playful awakening of our hearts to the Divine within.

Shakti Fusion is: • Shivanand Thomas Amelio, lead vocals • Mitch Hinard, drum set • Todd Norian, keyboards • Steph Campbell, vocals • Matt McKeever, bass • Mike McAvoy, guitar • Charlie Tokarz, sax • John Dekadt, percussion