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Special Chakra Class: Chakras, Essence, Sex and Tantra Pt. 2

March 31, 2021 -7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Wishes, Essence, Chakras, Sex & Tantra: Special Weds Class

Dear Ones–

Special Chakra Class: Chakras, Essence, Wishes, Sex and Tantra

This is part 2 special class for those who just finished my Open Center “Alchemy of the Chakras” Class, and for any who attended this series in the past (or have been coming to my weekly classes for awhile). I will cover tantric principles of “form and essence,” and the “Wishes Through the Chakra” exercise–which will help you better fulfill your wishes through harmonizing the agendas and samskaras of each center.

Then I will cover the chakra teachings that explore both the archetypal “male-female-androgynous” energetic and sexuality perspective; teachings of denial and renunciation vs embrace; and approaching sexuality and sensuality not just from the 2nd Chakra perspective, but from Pan-Chakra and transcendental perspectives.

Date and Time: Weds March 31st @7pm-8:30pm.

FEE: $25



First send payment via Paypal,Venmo, Zelle (if you don’t have those email me) ?

AND ONCE YOU’VE REGISTERED I’LL SEND ZOOM LINK AND PASSWORD (Note: it is NOT the same link as the weekly online class).


March 31, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Thomas Amelio

Thomas Amelio intensely studied & practiced yogic disciplines in India, where he edited Rajarshi Muni’s classic, "Yoga–The Ultimate Spiritual Path." He is a founding member of, and has been a senior teacher at, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for over 35 years, and is President Emeritus of the NY Open Center in New York City.