Contemplative Solutions, LLC: Philosophy


Thomas Amelio: Founder/CEO

Thomas’ organization– Contemplative Solutions, LLC, offers the time-tested core wisdom and practices from the Eastern mindfulness and yoga traditions in a way that complements the best in modern psychotherapeutic, mind-body, and leadership developments. He has taught thousands in the areas of meditation, mantra, Self-Inquiry, Vedic understanding, personal development, and Yoga Philosophy.

He offers programs and trainings at venues such as Kripalu, Omega, 1440 Multiversity, NY Open Center, Maria Shriver’s Open Field, Becoming Safely Embodied Institute, Ross Institute, East Hampton, Modi Academic International Institute(MAAI—New Delhi). His clients include business leaders, entrepreneurs,  those who are working with spiritual emergence issues; building a private spiritual practice; and seeking spiritual mentoring.

A leader of not-for-profit organizations that offer personal and cultural transformation for over 35 years, including being founding member and leader at Kripalu Center (20 yrs); director of the Laurence Rockefeller Ross Institute of Well-Being in East Hampton, and most recently as Managing Director, then President/CEO, of the New York Open Center (13 yrs), Thomas and Contemplative Solutions seek to foster organizational leadership that builds transformational culture, through coaching leaders to help bring this vision into being.

 Contemplative Solutions LLC (CS)offers transformational wisdom and practices from world contemplative cultures—Eastern and Western—in a way that complements the best in modern psychotherapeutic mind-body developments and leadership practice.  

Thomas is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC)–through ICF (International Coaching Federation) and a 40+ year career background in leadership, self-development and teaching transformational practice. His training includes including a 2-year Gestalt psychology certification; direct personal yogic training and mentoring in India with Swami Rajarshi Muni; Systems-Centered® Therapy (SCT®); Certified Level 1 Adizes Leadership & Management Facilitator and many other psychological and psychospiritual trainings. He sees clients privately who are working with spiritual emergence, building a transformational practice for themselves, or seek spiritual mentoring

Leadership Coaching Approach

In the CS approach we first take the client through an inquiry as to what success might look like, on every level. Then follows a deep contemplation as to what ecosystem will fully support the unfolding of that success for themselves and for their business. Our aim is not just to work with the individual leader, or separate problems, but on building an effective environment that is self-sustaining and evolving–one that naturally strengthens the most effective elements; brings in what is missing; and expels outdated–or even “toxic” systems and conditions. 


We focus first on the support system of the leader — including their lifestyle, health, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and more. Then only comes their more traditional exploration, and mapping of: vision; mission; goals & objectives; team building, communications, branding, marketing, media, and social media, etc. 

Simply put, we first focus on the leader’s ecosystem–both personal and professional–which then better enables them to build a thriving one for their organization.

Founder and CEO: Thomas Amelio