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New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat

December 29, 2017–January 1, 2018 Friday–Monday: 3 nights New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat Presenter: Shivananda Thomas Amelio For all levels. ... Read More

Special Chakra Class: Chakras, Essence, Sex and Tantra Pt. 2

This is a special class for those who just finished my Open Center "Alchemy of the Chakras Class," and for any who attended in the past. I will cover the I will then cover tantric principles of "form and essence," and the  "Wishes Through the Chakra" exercise--which will help you better fulfill your wishes through harmonizing the agendas and samskaras of each center. 

Thomas Amelio

Thomas Amelio intensely studied & practiced yogic disciplines in India, where he edited Rajarshi Muni’s classic, "Yoga–The Ultimate Spiritual Path." He is a founding member of, and has been a senior teacher at, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for over 35 years, and is President Emeritus of the NY Open Center in New York City.