Prana, Breath and Mantra-Based Meditation with teaching for Life based on yoga and western philosphical fusion. 

In the yogic lineage I was initiated into, and studied/practiced in India, Prana, or life force, is paramount. It is the evolutionary force, sometimes called Chi, Ki, or Kundalini-Shakti, which, when allowed, will LOVE us into releasing constrictive Samskaras (painful karmas) and enter into greater freedom, over time. We suppress the good workings of prana through obstructive habits, addictions, attitudes, etc.

But we can live a life that embraces prana and releases suffering through yogic approaches, offered by Patanjali in his yoga sutras, and other great masters. We awaken prana through the wise use of breath practice, mantra, yogic practices, and all that Patanjali recommends in the Ashtanga–or 8-Fold Path. 

 *This is what I am committed to propagating and and I am happy for any who join me in this fascinating journey!*

FEE: Donation only during Covid19 period! Please feel free to come even if you cannot pay. 

If interested please email me: “thomasamelio” at gmail dot com.